Jérémy Lapierre

A trainer and consultant, Jeremy has been working and providing services at Psycom since 2014. At Psycom, Jeremy does coaching, facilitates workshops and organizes corporate events.

He knows the Psycom method and philosophy inside and out. His academic background is a mix of psychology at the bachelor level and communication at the master level. Jérémy works mainly with managers, entrepreneurs and stakeholders, but also with individuals in transition.

He takes advantage of his in-depth knowledge of psychology and organizational interactions to accurately identify the needs of the audience and adapt the material to maximize the benefits gained, while building strong, lasting professional relationships.

Jérémy is also the coordinator of the FMOQ (Fédération des Médecins Omnipraticiens du Québec) Mentoring Program where he trains and coaches physician-mentors to accompany physician-mentees.