The PRECOG certification is a training aimed at understanding and transforming human behavior in order to optimize one’s own potential and that of another person or group through coaching skills based on applied psychology.

A unique approach, scientific, sensitive. And above all, concrete.

24 to 36 days of training

This one-year training includes 24 to 36 days* of training that is a combination of theory, seminars and exercises, all live and virtual, with Guillaume Dulude, PhD. *varies according to your package (existence/expertise)

Each day of training will be filmed and posted on your platform, so you can access it offline at your convenience and as often as you want.

PRECOG certificate

This program is recognized by the Quebec government and the Ministry of Education. Participants who have completed PRECOG Existence or PRECOG Expertise can obtain an official certificate attesting to the completion of the course and granting them the corresponding tax deductions.

Available in audio

In addition to the live and recorded videos, the seminars will be available in audio format (MP3), allowing you to listen to them on the go.

Members-only discussion group

An exclusive community for EXISTENCE and EXPERTISE members to discuss the material, meet informally, ask questions, network, integrate the material, share awareness, etc.

24 à 36 journées de formation

Cette formation d’un an comprend 24 à 36 jours* de formation constituant une combinaison de théorie, de séminaires et d’exercices, le tout en direct et en virtuel, avec Guillaume Dulude, PhD.
*varie selon votre forfait (existence/expertise)

Chaque journée de formation sera filmée et déposée sur votre plateforme; vous pourrez ainsi y accéder en différé au moment qui vous convient et aussi souvent que vous le voulez.

Attestation PRECOG

Ce programme est reconnu par le gouvernement du Québec et le Ministère de l’Éducation. Le participant ayant complété PRECOG Existence ou PRECOG Expertise pourra obtenir une attestation officielle témoignant de la complétion du cours et lui octroyant les déductions fiscales correspondantes.

Disponible en audio

En plus des vidéos en direct et en différé, les séminaires seront accessibles en format audio (MP3) vous permettant ainsi d’en faire l’écoute dans vos déplacements.

Groupe de discussion réservé aux membres

Une communauté exclusive pour les membres afin de discuter des conférences et du thème de la personnalité.

About Dr. Guillaume Dulude, psychology

Guillaume Dulude, PhD is a best-selling author specializing in relationship psychology, interpersonal communication strategies and leadership development.

Guillaume has been studying, practicing and teaching communication psychology, interpersonal skills and leadership development strategies for 20 years. He holds a B.A. in Communication and Business Administration and a Ph.D. in Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology (psyd) from the University of Quebec in Montreal, focusing on cognitive processes, attentional systems and consciousness.

As passionate about the theories and foundations of human development as he is about putting them into practice, Guillaume is also an extreme adventurer. He has tested and confirmed the effectiveness of his methods in nearly a hundred countries, including the tribes of Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea and the remote communities of Iraq. He distinguishes himself not only with his innovative concepts and teachings, but also with his practical demonstration of communication strategies in all settings, types of relationships and cultural contexts. Guillaume is dedicated to demonstrating what humans have in common, not what divides them.

We can currently see him on TV5 at the helm of the show Tribal which he co-directed. The latter is nominated in two categories at the 2020 Gemini Awards Gala: Best Documentary Series: Society and Best Photography Direction: Public Affairs, Documentary – Series. The year 2021 promises to be very inspiring for Guillaume. He was featured on Demain tout est possible as a guest specialist on the Plateforme VRAI and he also appears every Monday on the TVA program Marie-Claude as a guest specialist. His book “Je suis un chercheur d’or, les mécanismes de la communication et des relations humaines” (I am a gold digger, the mechanisms of communication and human relations) became a best-seller in just a few days and is now available in several European countries. This book is revealing itself as a new light on the meaning of relationships and interpersonal communication.

In addition to proving himself on television, he has hosted his radio show Ni noir ni blanc on 98.5 Montreal.

Why undertake the PRECOG training?

The PRECOG certification is a training program aimed at understanding and transforming human behavior in order to optimize one’s own potential and that of another person or group through coaching skills based on applied psychology. 

When human potential is developed, positive consequences are visible both in the functioning of the person and in the results of his or her behavior. 

A person who increasingly accesses his or her potential communicates more effectively, is able to generate concepts and ideas, is able to materialize them, is capable of flexibility and adaptability, is able to mobilize others, to promote his or her own growth and that of his or her partners, is able to read, understand and use his or her emotions effectively, his or her behaviors and projects create tangible spin-offs, and his or her actions generate value in all its forms, including financial value. 

This person is able to create a life that is meaningful to them. 

Psychology and neuroscience shed light on laws applicable to human functioning and development. These form the core of this training. Without a theoretical and practical understanding of behavior and mental processes, it is impossible to develop a human to his or her full potential.

Who should take this program?

Improve your quality of life. Learn to coach.

Anyone wishing to improve their understanding of themselves or their ability to work with others will find the information presented in this course not only fundamental, but necessary to function in a complex world like ours.

This one-year program presents a balanced combination of theory, reflection and practical tools. It is designed for those who are looking to learn more about human development and leadership. It will focus on the development of personal potential, constructive influence and coaching skills.

Existence or Expertise?

Make your choice

Precog Existence

  • Une personne qui est passionnée par la psychologie et qui désire obtenir des connaissances et des stratégies pour les intégrer dans votre vie?
  • Une personne qui désire obtenir des outils pour développer ses projets, sa vie professionnelle et personnelle?
  • Une personne qui désire apprendre des outils d’intervention auprès des autres, développer des habiletés de coaching et d’intervention?
  • Une personne qui considère faire du coaching?

Precog Existence


  • Un professionnel qui possède déjà un parcours académique et/ou de l’expérience dans le domaine de l’intervention (ex: coach, thérapeute, psychologue, médecin, médecine sportive ou manuelle, relation d’aide, etc.) qui désire augmenter son impact auprès de vos clients, acquérir des outils/stratégies/compréhension nouvelles reliées au comportement humain?

Precog Existence


  • A person who is passionate about psychology and wants to obtain knowledge and strategies to integrate it into your life?
  • A person who wants to obtain tools to develop your projects, your professional and personal life?
  • A person who wants to learn tools to intervene with others, develop coaching and intervention skills?
  • A person who is considering coaching?
To view the list of topics covered in Precog Existence, download the syllabus below.

Precog Expertise


  • A professional who already has an academic background and/or experience in the field of intervention (e.g. coach, therapist, psychologist, physician, sports or manual medicine, helping relationship, etc.) who wants to increase their impact with your clients, acquire new tools/strategies/understanding related to human behavior?

To view the list of topics covered in Precog Expertise, download the syllabus below.

The syllabus from the program

Presentation of the training

Join the program


Each day of training will be recorded and left for you to use on your platform.

Join once, own it for life and repeat it as often as you like.


All future updates to the course will be available to you at no cost.


Access the courses from your various mobile devices and take advantage of the audio files to listen to them offline at any time.

What you get when you join the program

  • Lifetime unlimited access to your cohort’s seminars with Guillaume Dulude PhD that will be recorded and filed on your platform. 
  • Access to a private exchange group on Facebook.
  • Scientific articles proposed by Guillaume to be analyzed and then dissected in group. 
  • Audio files of the training days to be listened to on the road as often as you wish.

Precog  Existence


Precog   Expertise


What people are saying about the program


PhD student in psychology

Director of Hayward Canada Sales Teams


Coach at Psycom, Masters in Communication


PRECOG is a one-year training program with a predetermined schedule. The training schedule is available here.

Yes, we understand that everyone’s life is unique. While we encourage you to participate in live seminars if possible, each day of training will be recorded and uploaded to your Teachable platform for replay. You can enjoy the learning at your own pace, at a time of your choosing.

PRECOG training takes place both virtually (on Zoom) and live. The Zoom meeting link for each seminar will be entered into your Teachable platform. Please note that the training days will be recorded and the videos will then be uploaded to your platform for replay.

Each training day runs from 9am to 3:30pm, Quebec time, and from 3pm to 9:30pm, Paris time.

Yes, as this training will be interactive, there will be question periods, discussion sessions and teamwork to facilitate the appropriation of the material and of course, fun! A day of training will go by very quickly!

Yes, each day of training will include examples, strategies, exercises and scenarios to help you integrate and use this new knowledge in your life.

This depends on your level of motivation and involvement. Some people choose to put in less than an hour a month, and others choose to put in several hours. This will depend on your goals and what you are looking for in the training. This will be explicitly discussed at the first meeting.

Each training day focuses on one or two pre-established themes. Often, a reading and/or a small preparatory exercise will have been provided prior to the training day to familiarize the participant with the theme.

Guillaume will introduce the theme and focus on the elements deemed most relevant, thus linking the theory to the strategies that follow in our daily lives. A brief review of the reading provided will also be an opportunity to discuss science, research and the scientific method for the given topic.

Each day of training will include examples, strategies, exercises, and scenarios to integrate and use this new knowledge in our lives.

As this training will be interactive, question periods, discussion sessions and team work will facilitate the appropriation of the material and of course, the fun!

No, Psycom 1, 2 and 3 are not prerequisites for PRECOG. 

The training is useful for a wide range of jobs, particularly those that involve understanding human or one-to-one interactions, whether in consulting, sales, management, education, and human relations.