requires knowledge and a means
to use knowledge to convert it into action.

Guillaume Dulude, PhD, is the founder of Psycom Inc. and the first to name the concept of dynamic consciousness. It refers to the humans’ ability, through consciousness, knowledge and information, to act on the world by referring to action mechanisms. Dynamic consciousness refers to how humans use knowledge to generate impact on the world with their actions.


Communication is not a given. It is a training based on specific factors, the very ones that change the course of human interactions and mark a new chapter in the building of human collaboration.

We want to communicate. We know that we need each other. We know that we have to work in teams. We want to collaborate. We want to influence. We want better, stronger, more sustainable relationships.

Nevertheless, we are not quite there yet. We consume trainings, online videos, conferences on personal development and communication techniques.


The PRECOG Leadership and Coaching certification is a training course on human behaviour, strategic intervention and the development of one’s own leadership.


It includes a theoretical element to address fundamental and current themes and concepts in terms of human functioning and psychology. It also includes a full-intervention component. In this practical element, participants learn to build an intervention in the short, medium and long term and how to set it up with a client.
It also allows the integration of the learning into the participants’ personal and professional development projects and thus accelerates their realization. Finally, the program includes one trip to Africa to materialize some key concepts. This trip, in South Africa, aims to address the biological and social basis of human development in its initial environment.


Conferences on communication, leadership and sales.


This workshop takes you through the fundamental mechanisms of human communication as well as simple and effective techniques