Psycom 3

Coaching skills and intervention

Psycom Coaching teaches the laws of human development and the theoretical and applied basis of human behavioural change.
* Notes: Although no prerequisites are mandatory, we recommend that you either have completed Psycom levels 1 and 2, or have basic experience in intervention, management, coaching, helping relationship or therapy.

The principles taught in this workshop are based on mechanisms of human development.

This coaching course brings your level of interpersonal communication to a whole new level and introduces the participant to the mechanisms that make it possible to secure a constructive influence with real clients.
  • Acquire knowledge on the behaviour and psychology that allows us to understand the clients’ issues.
  • Complement your training, accelerating your learning, ensuring the integration of the techniques.
  • Learn to read and interpret interpersonal situations between the coach and the student.
  • Learn to prioritize your interventions.
  • Avoid stalling during an intervention with a patient and ensure a steady progression
  • Develop efficiency, power and ease in coaching.
  • Build client’s engagement.
  • Take advantage of a pedagogical hands-on approach centered on roll-playing to maximize theory integration.
  • Acquire skills that will have immediate, concrete and lasting effects in one’s professional activities.
  • Implement these new skills quickly and achieve important goals in a limited time frame.