Changing the course of conversations


In communication, there is no point in telling the other person "I understand...". You have to prove it.

In the same way, trying to convince the other person that we are trustworthy will have no effect on the actual level of trust. The other person must also see and feel that we have understood.

This is a central skill in building trust and rapport. Reflection is the way to achieve this. It also tests and confirms the understanding of each other. Too often we don’t understand each other, without realizing it.
In the end, much of the communication is not on the right topics. Reflection allows us to access the topics that are truly meaningful.


What you will be able to do more effectively:


In preparation for the workshop, each participant should prepare a challenge or pride to tell. This is a true story that you have already experienced. You will talk about it for about 5 minutes.

For example: the time I had a conflict with my boss; the time I faced my fear of water and swam in the ocean; the time I missed work because my son was sick.
It may or may not be related to your job. It needs to be a story with some substance, so it must be a challenge or a meaningful pride for you.

We will use these stories to practice concrete reflections.

Guillaume Dulude’s Book: JE SUIS UN CHERCHEUR D’OR