Guillaume Dulude, PhD is a best-selling author specializing in the psychology of human relations, interpersonal communication strategies and leadership development.

He is an international speaker and consultant to leaders. Through his books and specialized training, he makes psychology and science accessible and usable for the general public and helps organizations develop strategies and practices that enable them to evolve and achieve their goals in a sustainable way.

Guillaume has been studying, practicing and teaching communication psychology, interpersonal skills and leadership development strategies for 20 years. He holds a B.A. in Communication and Business Administration and a Ph.D. in Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology (PsyD) from the Université du Québec à Montréal on cognitive processes, attentional systems and consciousness.

Guillaume is as passionate about the theories and foundations of human development as he is about putting them into practice. He has tested and confirmed the effectiveness of his methods in nearly a hundred countries, including the tribes of Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea and the remote communities of Iraq. He distinguishes himself not only with his innovative concepts and teachings, but by the practical demonstration of communication strategies in all settings, types of relationships and cultural contexts. Guillaume is dedicated to demonstrating what humans have in common, not what divides them.

We can currently see him on TV5 at the helm of the show Tribal which he co-directed. The latter is nominated in two categories at the 2020 Gemini Awards Gala: Best Documentary Series: Society and Best Photography Direction: Public Affairs, Documentary – Series. The year 2021 promises to be very inspiring for Guillaume. He was featured on Demain tout est possible as a guest specialist on the Plateforme VRAI and he also appears every Monday on the TVA program Marie-Claude as a guest specialist. His book “Je suis un chercheur d’or: les mécanismes de la communication et des relations humaines” became a best-seller in just a few days and is now available in several European countries. This book is revealing itself as a new light on the meaning of relationships and interpersonal communication.

In addition to proving himself on television, he has hosted his radio show Ni noir ni blanc on 98.5 Montreal.


Guillaume Dulude

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Jérémy Lapierre

We are proud to announce our collaboration with Menway, the largest firm specialized in human resources in France. Menway’s mission is to help companies grow their most important asset: people.


Over the past few months, Guillaume Dulude PhD has had the opportunity to collaborate with Menway on several occasions and to get to know its president, Jean-Louis Petruzzi, and two of its main partners: Christian Ferrari and Corinne Soulier. It was only natural that their professional activities, the complementarity of their offer and especially their common vision of human resources in organizations led to a partnership. Thus, PSYCOM and MENWAY jointly organize and offer multiple conferences in companies, the PSYCOM 1 and 2 communication trainings as well as the first cohort of PRÉCOG which will take place in 7 European countries.


Je suis un chercheur d’or


Success and solidarity with dynamic consciousness


Communication is not a given. It is a training based on specific factors, the very ones that change the course of human interactions and mark a new chapter in the building of human collaboration.

We want to communicate. We know that we need each other. We know that we have to work in teams. We want to collaborate. We want to influence. We want better, stronger, more sustainable relationships.

Nevertheless, we are not quite there yet. We consume trainings, online videos, conferences on personal development and communication techniques.

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