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Guillaume Dulude, PhD is a best-selling author specializing in the psychology of human relations, interpersonal communication strategies and leadership development.

Guillaume has been studying, practicing and teaching communication psychology, interpersonal skills and leadership development strategies for 20 years. he holds a bachelor's degree in communication and business administration and a doctorate in psychology (PHD) research and clinical psychology (PSYD) from the université du québec à montréal, focusing on cognitive processes, attentional systems and consciousness.

He is an international speaker and consultant to leaders. Through his books and specialized training, he makes psychology and science accessible and usable for the general public and helps organizations develop strategies and practices that enable them to evolve and achieve their goals in a sustainable way.

Guillaume is as passionate about the theories and foundations of human development as he is about putting them into practice. He has tested and confirmed the effectiveness of his methods in nearly a hundred countries, including the tribes of Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea and the remote communities of Iraq. He distinguishes himself not only with his innovative concepts and teachings, but by the practical demonstration of communication strategies in all settings, types of relationships and cultural contexts. Guillaume is dedicated to demonstrating what humans have in common, not what divides them.


We can currently see him on TV5 at the helm of the show Tribal which he co-directed. The latter is nominated in two categories at the 2020 Gemini Awards Gala: Best Documentary Series: Society and Best Photography Direction: Public Affairs, Documentary – Series. The year 2021 promises to be very inspiring for Guillaume. He was featured on Demain tout est possible as a guest specialist on the Plateforme VRAI and he also appears every Monday on the TVA program Marie-Claude as a guest specialist. His book “Je suis un chercheur d’or: les mécanismes de la communication et des relations humaines” became a best-seller in just a few days and is now available in several European countries. This book is revealing itself as a new light on the meaning of relationships and interpersonal communication.

In addition to proving himself on television, he has hosted his radio show Ni noir ni blanc on 98.5 Montreal.

* Although Guillaume Dulude holds a PhD and a Psy.D, he has made the conscious choice not to be a member of the Ordre des Psychologues Québec. Consequently, he does not hold the title of psychologist or neuropsychologist. He does not offer any psychotherapy, diagnostic or intervention services in the field of psychopathology.


Je suis un chercheur d’or




La communication n’est pas un don. Il s’agit d’un entraînement basé sur des facteurs précis, ceux-là mêmes qui changent le cours des interactions humaines et qui marquent un nouveau chapitre dans la construction des collaborations humaines.

Nous voulons communiquer. Nous savons que nous avons besoin les uns des autres. Nous savons qu’il faut travailler en équipe. Nous voulons collaborer. Nous voulons influencer. Nous voulons de meilleures relations, plus fortes, plus durables.

Pourtant nous n’y parvenons pas encore tout à fait.

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Trainer, Administrator and Speaker

Guillaume’s true right-hand man, Jeremy has been working for Psycom since 2014. He is now the senior operations manager for the company. Jérémy is fully aware of Psycom’s method, philosophy, ethics and mission. He facilitates conferences, private and corporate workshops, and supports Guillaume in his daily operations.

Jeremy’s academic background is a combination of psychology and communication. His academic research focuses on mentoring, notably in collaboration with the Mentoring Program of the Fédération des Médecins Omnipraticiens du Québec (FMOQ), through which Jérémy has trained and coached physician-mentors to accompany their physician-mentees.

Jérémy works primarily with managers, entrepreneurs and stakeholders, but also with developing individuals. He uses his knowledge and coaching skills to accurately identify the needs of his clients. He knows how to adapt his teaching material to maximize the results and benefits of his teachings. Jeremy is a key player in Psycom, both for the team itself and for the clients with whom he builds strong and lasting professional relationships. Jeremy is known for his passion and dedication to Psycom and its clients.


Head of Pedagogy and Digital Communications

As a pedagogical manager, Valerie is dedicated to creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment and is passionate about helping students achieve their academic and professional goals. Constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve the online learning experience, Valerie also assists Guillaume Dulude in the management of his social networks and oversees Psycom’s virtual reputation.

Trained in marketing and organizational communication, Valérie joined Psycom in 2020 to take charge of the company’s digital side. Over the years, her curiosity and self-taught profile have allowed her to add several strings to her bow and to acquire varied experience, including live broadcasts, video editing, web writing, photography and podcasting. A true Swiss army knife of digital communications, Valérie’s versatility is without a doubt one of her strong points.

For more than three years, the collaboration between Valérie and Psycom has been growing and her role is now central to the organization’s multiple strategies.


Customer Experience and Community Manager

Passionate about customer experience and business development for over 20 years, Julie joined the Psycom team in 2022 to focus on customer contact and support the community on various platforms. With her experience in planning, event management and customer service, she is involved in various projects to support Psycom’s growth. Her analytical nature allows her to bring a different perspective to the company’s issues, both in terms of customer relations and system implementation.

Trained in administration, Julie is self-taught, curious and passionate about personal development. She is constantly studying the various subjects that interest her. At Psycom, she works in a field where all her passions are combined.


Digital Content Creator

Justin is a curious and passionate psychologist with expertise in video content creation. With his knowledge of communication issues and creativity, he is able to find innovative solutions to help the company achieve its digital marketing goals. His commitment and hard work have a positive impact on Psycom’s visibility and awareness online.

As a key member of Psycom, Justin works closely with Valerie, Ines and Guillaume to create relevant and engaging video content for social media, while ensuring the company’s message is delivered consistently and effectively. With his experience and understanding of social media platforms, he is able to produce video content daily. His passion and commitment allow Psycom to stand out in communication coaching and strengthen its online reputation.


Content and Social Media Coordinator

Ines recently joined the Psycom team to ensure the quality of the company’s social media content. She oversees the creation of material and coordinates its publication on Psycom’s various social media platforms. Ines critically reviews the content shared by Psycom to ensure quality, relevance, accuracy and ethics. She works closely with Justin and Valerie to ensure the excellence of the content produced for Psycom’s social networks.

Ines studied Communication and Media, and worked as a journalist for various Montreal community newspapers before completing a Master’s degree in Environment and Sustainable Development at the Université de Montréal. Versatile, rigorous and deeply committed to Psycom’s mission, Ines is a welcome addition to the team.

Ines a étudié en Communication et médias, et a travaillé comme journaliste pour différents journaux communautaires montréalais avant d’effectuer une maîtrise en Environnement et développement durable à l’Université de Montréal. Polyvalente, rigoureuse et profondément animée par la mission de Psycom, Ines est un ajout judicieux à l’équipe.

Nous sommes fiers d’annoncer notre collaboration avec Menway, la plus grande firme spécialisée en ressources humaines en France. Menway se donne la mission d’aider les entreprises à faire grandir leur capital le plus important : l’humain.


Au cours des derniers mois, Guillaume Dulude PhD a eu l’opportunité de collaborer avec Menway à plusieurs reprises et ainsi faire connaissance avec son président, Jean-Louis Petruzzi, et deux de ses principaux associés: Christian Ferrari et Corinne Soulier. C’est naturellement que les activités professionnelles, la complémentarité de leur offre et surtout la vision commune des ressources humaines en organisation ont mené à un partenariat. Ainsi, PSYCOM et MENWAY organisent et offrent conjointement de multiples conférences en entreprise, les formations en communication PSYCOM 1 et 2 ainsi que la première cohorte de PRÉCOG qui aura lieu dans 7 pays européens.