Guillaume Dulude, PhD

Guillaume Dulude holds a PhD in neuropsychology and clinical psychology from the Université du Québec à Montréal on cognitive processes, attentional systems and consciousness.

He also holds a bachelor’s degree in communication and business administration.

He is also an international lecturer, author and university teacher, and a trainer specialized in communication strategies and the development of leadership and influence. Drawing on neuroscience, cognitive science and clinical psychology, he works to demonstrate that the use of conscious and non-conscious cognitive processes in interpersonal communication optimizes human mobilization and reduces resistance and rigidity.

Guillaume is also a consultant and helps organizations develop strategies and practices that allow them to evolve and achieve their goals in a sustainable manner.

His teachings are ultimately aimed at developing a high level of awareness of oneself, others and one’s environment in order to develop one’s own potential, that of a team and an organization.

Guillaume has been studying, practicing and teaching communication psychology, relationship skills and leadership development strategies for seventeen years.

At the age of 20, Guillaume completed a trip around the world without money using human communication as his primary means of survival. He sought to discover the common elements of human communication across different cultures and social contexts. Despite the lack of a common language and culture, he managed to establish contact with these local populations using non-verbal communication based on the method he created: Psycom Inc.

Thirsty for adventure and development, he has pushed his limits by taking on increasingly complex challenges, such as entering Iraq through a remote Turkish border, carpooling to Baghdad, and shooting a documentary on cannibalism by infiltrating the last cannibal tribes of Papua New Guinea. Guillaume has repeatedly taken on extreme survival challenges in the wilderness, in total autonomy, in several regions of the world, including Canada, Africa and Asia, considering that solo survival challenges offer ideal conditions for personal development.

An adventurer at heart, he passes on his knowledge, discoveries and especially his adventures to the general public through television productions such as films and documentary series, including Tribal, which he imagined, directed and animated. Over the past twenty years, Guillaume has explored a hundred countries, mostly in remote areas.

Guillaume has learned nine languages that he has used throughout his travels. After having been a high level athlete for more than a decade, he has learned ancestral methods of survival in hot and cold environments, skills that are necessary for his adventures around the world. In this sense, he practices bow hunting and fishing. As a walking safari guide in Africa, his knowledge is invaluable when he has to sleep under the stars, surrounded by dangerous wild animals such as lions, elephants and rhinos. In addition to having a car driver’s license, Guillaume drives motorcycles, planes and helicopters.

Finally, he practices parachute jumping, scuba diving and masters firearms for hunting, survival and precision shooting.


Je suis un chercheur d’or


Success and solidarity with dynamic consciousness


Communication is not a given. It is a training based on specific factors, the very ones that change the course of human interactions and mark a new chapter in the building of human collaboration.

We want to communicate. We know that we need each other. We know that we have to work in teams. We want to collaborate. We want to influence. We want better, stronger, more sustainable relationships.

Nevertheless, we are not quite there yet. We consume trainings, online videos, conferences on personal development and communication techniques.

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